Created one at a time.
Not mass produced.

Aaron Cabeen lives in Chattanooga Tennessee. Growing up as a carpenter’s son, he has developed a passion for making original woodwork. Using as much reclaimed lumber as possible, each piece is unique and possesses it’s own history from it’s previous use. We make one piece at a time.

Made in Chattanooga.
Not China.

All Cabeen Originals pieces are made right here in Chattanooga. Labor will never be exported, and materials will be bought locally. Using local sawmills for the majority of the wood, we can keep our neighbors employed. They seem to like that.

Salvaged and recycled wood has received more attention recently. The benefits of using salvaged wood are character, rich tones, the history of its previous use, and the conversations that it will bring to your home or business surrounding the piece. With stained nail holes or years of weathering, salvaged wood makes a unique piece.

At Cabeen Originals, we also use what is known as FSC certified wood (Forestry Stewardship Council). These standards are strict and are a must for Cabeen Originals to purchase wood from a supplier. As we continue to make original pieces, we will source new products and supplies that meet these standards.

Definitions for the layman.

Unless you work for the forestry department or you are an expert on wood, the following might be new and interesting to you.

Oak, walnut, cedar, and cherry are great woods to work with because of their timeless appeal. To continue using salvaged wood, we must find companies and individuals who, you guessed it, salvage wood. So, we have found that 100+ year old factories are being disassembled and the massive beams and supports are being carefully removed and resold. Most of this wood is a kind known as heart pine. Found to have tremendous strength and dense wood rings, heart pine was used to build nearly everything including factories, homes, and most of all, floors. Mount Vernon has heart pine floors, for example. Heart pine comes from the southern longleaf pine. There were once 90+ million acres of southern longleaf pines in the southeast. Now there are only about 10,000 acres. Heart pine is considered old growth wood and is exceptionally beautiful and rich with color when finished. When it was harvested, it had been growing for about 500+ years. Southern longleaf pines only grew 1 inch in diameter every 30 years. Slow growth. Strong wood. With this heart pine being 600+ years old, we are very proud to offer it, reused, into furniture and custom cabinetry pieces.


As we continue to offer the finest in custom design, from conception of the idea to the completion of the product; we will offer the best that is available. Whether it be the wood choices or finishes, we will offer only the highest quality.